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how to: write a personal statement

Oh, the good old personal statement. I remember applying to university and meticulously planning it all out, only for it to be rewritten time and time again. It can feel like an overwhelming and frustrating task. Frustratingly, as I am now approaching my final year of my degree, I am about to embark on writing another one for my masters studies. So, yes, lucky me. This time I get to write one without any guidance from teachers whatsoever. I can’t wait.
Still, I have a plan, and I guess I did manage to get into a Russell Group Uni with my previous personal statement, so maybe I have some words of wisdom of which I can instil in you. Here are my top tips for writing a personal statement, then!
Tip #1: opening
Open telling the admissions tutor what your course means to you, your specific interests within the subject and why this course suits your specific interest in the subject.
#2: how & what
Write about your experience in the subject, how this experience has advanced your own interest and what you hope the course will help you to develop.
#3: critics & issues
Develop the second section by referencing key influences (people, books, magazines). Iclude critics and issues that are relevent to your field, even how you hope to resolve them through your education; SUPPORT your claims.
#4: conclusion
Discuss your future, your aspirations and how this course will prepare you for your career and beyond.
Hope this helped! Let me know if you have any of your own tips.




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Chloe Jade is an undergraduate student at the University of Nottingham reading English and Philosophy. Post-graduation, her ambition is to become a journalist. In order to read, write and share as much as she wants, she decided to create this blog so that she could explore her wider interests and experiences.