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MOD Pizza Review: Nottingham

Oh my goodness, MOD pizza. I think you can tell by that reaction from just looking at the blog pictures that my thoughts and feelings on this place are of a very fond nature indeed.

I went to MOD with my friend Izzy as a post-exams, end-of-year celebration type thing. I was very hungry and very ready for some pizza — I'd been wanting to go to this place for the best part of my two year uni experience thus far, after having heard many a good review from fellow students.

As a first-timer, it was intriguing to learn that MOD was less of a restaurant and more of a fast-food-but-for-pizza kind of place, so you can really personalise whatever you want from here. Think Subway, but for pizza. I think that's great as it makes it really inclusive, especially for fussy eaters as I can (sometimes) be.

I think you can make out what I got, but here's the run-down anyways: tomato base, cheese, chicken, sweetcorn and peppers. A pretty dreamy combination if you ask me. And I had leftovers — I got the last tiny cardboard box to take home a couple of slices in. Definitely demolished it for dinner. Not even sorry. 

The best part? Surprisingly, the price! Altogether it was only around £8 (don't forget to ask for student discount!) and on top of that, you get a refillable drink cup to choose whatever drink you would like at the drinks counter. So I'd say the price makes the pizza taste even better so you can eat without the 'I'm a student who just got pizza I can't afford' guilt. So relatable.

I definitely recommend you check out MOD Pizza! I'm so glad there's one in Nottingham (I think there are only around five or six in the country, including two(?) in London). Feeling very blessed to have this pizza place in my student city. Definitely going back for more when the next academic year begins so that I can cry into my pizza and refillable cup about the looming deadlines that approach.

Hope you enjoyed… what's your fave pizza place? Let me know.






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