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Review: Morphe 35F Eyeshadow Palette

I feel as though I should up my game when it comes to beauty and makeup reviews, and so I thought that I would share my thoughts on the infamous Morphe 35F Palette.

So, very excitedly I received this for Christmas, and I must say that the colours of the palette are very appropriate to the Christmas season. I love the cranberry and burgundy shades, but equally the gold and copper.

I also love the matte transition shades in the palette. Unlike criticisms towards the palette that there isn't enough variety between shades, I believe that there is enough variation because of the transition shades. I've had palettes before where it was virtually impossible to create a 'look' out of because there were no matte shades whatever. Whilst I appreciate the sparkly shades more than anything, I also love the added transition shades for this very reason.

Overall, the palette is definitely a beautiful one, suitable for beginners like me who aren't willing to pay a hefty price point. Actually, it's a more than reasonably priced palette and I'm so glad I have it to experiment with.

Hope you enjoyed!






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