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My Top Three Skincare Products


Now, between you and me, I've tried a lot of skincare combos over the last few years. This existence persisted through countless bouts of teenage acne to hormonal breakouts and now, my relatively normal complexion. You'll be glad to know I've finally found my top 3 skincare products. Not that I don't change it up every now and then, that would be totally unrealistic for me! But alas, these are my current best picks:
1. Micellar Water
Now I've tried multiple brands of Micellar Water, but I always find myself constantly switch between the Garnier and the L'Oreal one. I just love this stuff for taking makeup off or refreshing the skin — the perfect in-between of a 'proper' cleanser and those flimsy makeup wipes.

2. Neal's Yard — Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture

Omg, if you're a fan of natural moisturisers like me, then you'll looove this moisturiser. I can't recommend trying to find a natural alternative to your average chemically-induced moisturiser any day; it is seriously a life changing skin factor. I love this moisturiser, it feel light but still moisturising enough. The best of both worlds.

3. Pixi Glow Tonic
I know this is a cult product — but it's cult for a reason! I adore this stuff because it really gets the very last of your makeup off, and totally renews your skin. I've also found it to have a brightening effect on my skin, but that could be at the hand of all of these products together. I think it's definitely made the most difference to my skin overall and definitely has a regulating effect as well.
Overall, I can't stress the importance of having a low-fuss, slightly more natural skincare routine or at least introducing a few products into your daily life. I find these to be the most luxurious of products, and they don't even have to be that expensive! There are loads of fairly lower-priced natural skincare products — you just have to know where to look!




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