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My Favourite Things in Budapest


Summer of 2017 was definitely a ride, and one of the perks of summertime for me was being lucky enough to go to Budapest for a week and a bit. I hadn't explored many European cities before (mainly Spanish islands, Paris and Prague), but this trip was definitely something special as it inspired me to go far more often than I currently do. Today, I thought I should reminisce on the summer just gone and talk through all of my favourite things about Budapest with you.

1) My main love for Budapest lies in its amazing architecture and important buildings. The Hungarian Parliament Building is just so pretty that it becomes a tourist spot itself. The Buda Castle — one of my favourite days of the trip — is actually awe-striking: I've never seen as castle quite like it. It is truly beautiful and unique, and made me realise how much I appreciate such artistic and creative architecture in the first place.
2) Budapest is also home to many traditional and historical cafes that sadly, I didn't get to experience this time around. I will definitely have to go back and experience the New York Cafe — one of the most famous of the city. The otherwise average walks around town were made a visually striking experience by the cafes and buildings around, truly exuding the character of the city itself.

3) The Thermal Baths of Budapest receive a mixed review form me. Whilst I definitely found the architecture once again impressively designed, I found the hygiene standards of the baths themselves a rather irksome experience. If you're not too fussed about things like that for an hour or three of your time, it's definitely still worth it even just to recline in the sun and dry off. You might even get a tan if you're lucky enough; it will probably be the most sunbathing you've done all holiday, which just goes to show how adventurous the city is. 

4) The views. The views! Oh my goodness, the views in Budapest are amazing. I recommend going on one of those tourist bust things -- they often stop at a beauty spot for you to observe the city from its best angles. It's definitely a treat, I mean, you don't see a view like that everyday!

I cannot recommend Budapest enough for you to explore either as an introduction to European cities or if you're well-travelled! Seeing such a beautiful city definitely has to be a highlight of 2017 for me, and I hope it will encourage you to go and visit someday too.




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Chloe Jade is an undergraduate student at the University of Nottingham reading English and Philosophy. Post-graduation, her ambition is to become a journalist. In order to read, write and share as much as she wants, she decided to create this blog so that she could explore her wider interests and experiences.