Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Ladies Who Brunch

I recently went for brunch with a group of friends at The Pudding Pantry in my university town, Nottingham. Oh my goodness, it was divine. I’m usually quite sceptical about eating out, but I actually can’t rave about it enough. I know that Nottingham has somewhat of a reputation for its eateries and it’s hard to distinguish the hype from the truth, but if my experience is anything to go by then The Pudding Pantry is definitely one to go to.

Oh my goodness, this hot chocolate was sooo damn good (although the picture is slightly out of focus, oops). You can tell that Pudding Pantry just make sure that everything is done with that bit of extra care and attention. If you’re a fan of homemade hot coco (who isn’t???), then you NEED to try out their Classic Hot Chocolate, which I paid £2.95 for. I figured the pricing was very decent for the hot beverage and that the quality actually exceeded the cost. It was so smooth and just the right amount of rich chocolate to sweetness ratio.

For £9.95 (one of the most expensive on the brunch menu, which isn’t actually too bad price-wise) you can get what they call The Full Pantry, a delicious couple of pancakes stacked with bacon and served with homemade baked beans, your choice of scrambled or fried eggs, a garlic mushroom and maple syrup. And boy, is it dreamy. It’s also definitely VERY full, so I would recommend only purchasing when you’re reeeaaally hungry. Looking back I should have just ordered a stack of pancakes and bacon as that would definitely have sufficed my hunger, and I wouldn’t have had left so much food over!
Saying that, I did actually really enjoy the food that I could manage, and was glad that I could get The Full Pantry to try all of their star products out. The homemade baked beans were sooo good; definitely different to your traditional (I hadn’t actually tried homemade ones before) but all the more indulgent! The pancakes were just divine as well, really fluffy and sweet, yet this didn’t detract from the savoury nature of the rest of the dish. In fact, the sweetness went perfectly with the saltiness of the bacon, and the pancakes were definitely the star of the show.
If you’re in Nottingham and looking for a good spot of brunch, I definitely recommend looking at The Pudding Pantry. I can’t believe I hadn’t been before, and will definitely be back in order to try out all of their cakes and sweet treats!

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

My Top Self Care Tips


I'm a firm believer in all things self-care and mindfulness. I mean; healthy mind, healthy body works in reverse too, right? It is my belief that one of the easiest ways you can start to feel good about yourself is to do good things to your body, whatever that means to you personally.

Self-care is all the more important as a student. I've been a student living away from home for approximately two years now, and there have definitely been some trying moments. I believe that instilling some of the following self-care tips can be really beneficial when making the transition into adulthood for those couple of formative years.

1. Make yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, or hot chocolate, or any hot beverage of your choice! Taking time out of your day just to sit alone, with a friend, or in a busy coffee shop is important in order to reflect upon yourself and your day. It's the best way to gain some thinking time even when things are getting on top of you!

2. Have an early night and unwind from the day away from the people who surround you every single day. It's nice to go back to an environment where you're totally okay with being by yourself — independence is scarily underrated. There's nothing like treating yourself to a bit of a pamper night mid-week, rather than trying to fit in some social event that you don't really have time for. It's easy to get caught up in the week, so take it easy on yourself.

3. Confide in a friend. That's what they're there for! A problem shared is a problem halved, after all.

4. Keep a journal. It's universally acknowledged that writing offers some kind of therapeutic escapism that is seriously necessary in self-care rituals. If writing isn't your thing, try and document your feelings in a different way. Photography, song or painting — the creative world is your oyster. 

5. Do something for yourself. It's all about you. You have to be selfish every now and then and, after all, it is self-care at the end of the day. Whether it's playing a movie, going to the theatre by yourself or listening to your favourite album, you should take this time to find your thing!


Thursday, 25 January 2018

My Favourite Things in Budapest


Summer of 2017 was definitely a ride, and one of the perks of summertime for me was being lucky enough to go to Budapest for a week and a bit. I hadn't explored many European cities before (mainly Spanish islands, Paris and Prague), but this trip was definitely something special as it inspired me to go far more often than I currently do. Today, I thought I should reminisce on the summer just gone and talk through all of my favourite things about Budapest with you.

1) My main love for Budapest lies in its amazing architecture and important buildings. The Hungarian Parliament Building is just so pretty that it becomes a tourist spot itself. The Buda Castle — one of my favourite days of the trip — is actually awe-striking: I've never seen as castle quite like it. It is truly beautiful and unique, and made me realise how much I appreciate such artistic and creative architecture in the first place.
2) Budapest is also home to many traditional and historical cafes that sadly, I didn't get to experience this time around. I will definitely have to go back and experience the New York Cafe — one of the most famous of the city. The otherwise average walks around town were made a visually striking experience by the cafes and buildings around, truly exuding the character of the city itself.

3) The Thermal Baths of Budapest receive a mixed review form me. Whilst I definitely found the architecture once again impressively designed, I found the hygiene standards of the baths themselves a rather irksome experience. If you're not too fussed about things like that for an hour or three of your time, it's definitely still worth it even just to recline in the sun and dry off. You might even get a tan if you're lucky enough; it will probably be the most sunbathing you've done all holiday, which just goes to show how adventurous the city is. 

4) The views. The views! Oh my goodness, the views in Budapest are amazing. I recommend going on one of those tourist bust things -- they often stop at a beauty spot for you to observe the city from its best angles. It's definitely a treat, I mean, you don't see a view like that everyday!

I cannot recommend Budapest enough for you to explore either as an introduction to European cities or if you're well-travelled! Seeing such a beautiful city definitely has to be a highlight of 2017 for me, and I hope it will encourage you to go and visit someday too.


My Top Three Skincare Products

Now, between you and me, I've tried a lot of skincare combos over the last few years. This existence persisted through countless bouts of teenage acne to hormonal breakouts and now, my relatively normal complexion. You'll be glad to know I've finally found my top 3 skincare products. Not that I don't change it up every now and then, that would be totally unrealistic for me! But alas, these are my current best picks:
1. Micellar Water
Now I've tried multiple brands of Micellar Water, but I always find myself constantly switch between the Garnier and the L'Oreal one. I just love this stuff for taking makeup off or refreshing the skin — the perfect in-between of a 'proper' cleanser and those flimsy makeup wipes.

2. Neal's Yard — Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture

Omg, if you're a fan of natural moisturisers like me, then you'll looove this moisturiser. I can't recommend trying to find a natural alternative to your average chemically-induced moisturiser any day; it is seriously a life changing skin factor. I love this moisturiser, it feel light but still moisturising enough. The best of both worlds.
3. Pixi Glow Tonic
I know this is a cult product — but it's cult for a reason! I adore this stuff because it really gets the very last of your makeup off, and totally renews your skin. I've also found it to have a brightening effect on my skin, but that could be at the hand of all of these products together. I think it's definitely made the most difference to my skin overall and definitely has a regulating effect as well.
Overall, I can't stress the importance of having a low-fuss, slightly more natural skincare routine or at least introducing a few products into your daily life. I find these to be the most luxurious of products, and they don't even have to be that expensive! There are loads of fairly lower-priced natural skincare products — you just have to know where to look!



Review: Morphe 35F Eyeshadow Palette

I feel as though I should up my game when it comes to beauty and makeup reviews, and so I thought that I would share my thoughts on the infamous Morphe 35F Palette.

So, very excitedly I received this for Christmas, and I must say that the colours of the palette are very appropriate to the Christmas season. I love the cranberry and burgundy shades, but equally the gold and copper.

I also love the matte transition shades in the palette. Unlike criticisms towards the palette that there isn't enough variety between shades, I believe that there is enough variation because of the transition shades. I've had palettes before where it was virtually impossible to create a 'look' out of because there were no matte shades whatever. Whilst I appreciate the sparkly shades more than anything, I also love the added transition shades for this very reason.

Overall, the palette is definitely a beautiful one, suitable for beginners like me who aren't willing to pay a hefty price point. Actually, it's a more than reasonably priced palette and I'm so glad I have it to experiment with.

Hope you enjoyed!



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